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A Note from Rocci Johnson, Bronco Hockey Booster President:
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“Some nine years ago or so, when I was asked to help head up efforts to support and expand the breadth and depth of the Boise State Men’s Hockey Program, I thought, my goodness, not one more thing on my plate!? But I signed on and couldn’t be happier that I did. The members of the Bronco Hockey Booster Club are just downright great people, dedicated to the cause of furthering the program and supporting the fine student-athletes who comprise the Boise State Hockey Team. I am proud of the work that we’ve achieved and continue to build upon each year. More importantly, I treasure the many terrific friendships that have arisen out of collectively working toward the building of a successful college hockey program. Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.”


About Us

The Bronco Hockey Booster Club is a 501-C-3 non-profit organization formed in 2009 in order to support the Boise State Hockey Club Program through fundraising efforts, general promotion and oversight, and through facilitating the engagement of alumni, donors, friends, community partners and Boise State students and staff.

Mission Statement

The Bronco Hockey Boosters and its Board shall serve as a vehicle of communication between the student-athletes of the Boise State Hockey Club, its coaching staff, the Boise State faculty representative, the members of the Board and the surrounding community. The Boosters shall serve as a means of support for the Club as advisors and mentors while assisting with financial support and fundraising efforts. The Boosters shall promote and encourage the academic endeavors of its student-athletes while inspiring the pursuit of excellence in athletic performance and competition.

General Objectives

·      To provide oversight of the financial operation of the Boise State Hockey Club and advise on matters of

accounting and use of funds. To assist with financial support and fundraising efforts in order to provide assistance

with operating costs for the Boise State Hockey Club, it’s coaches and staff.


·      To enhance the student-athlete experience as well as foster a positive student-athlete image by assisting its

athletes in community service, community engagement, campus events, charitable causes and other activities. Aid

our coaching staffs in organizing and staging special events and projects.


·      To promote school and community spirit and encourage attendance in all athletic events.


·      To encourage fair play and good sportsmanship by parents, fans, coaches, and participants.


·      To provide a forum for discussion of matters of concern among the Club’s athletes and staff, and assist as needed. 


All acts and doings of the Boosters shall be in strict conformity with U.S.A. Hockey and Boise State University guidelines, the rules and regulations of the American Collegiate Association, and shall not disrupt the league/conference guidelines.


Meetings are conducted monthly on every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm, location TBD.


General Membership Dues

Family Membership                 $20.00

Individual Membership            $10.00

Senior Couple (age 65+)          $10.00

Senior (age 65+)                       $  5.00

Alumni / Faculty                       $  5.00

BSU Students & Coaches:        Free


Signing up is easy! Membership forms are available on the Become a Booster or by writing All questions and inquiries about the BHB can also be answered via email.


Join the Bronco Hockey Boosters today! It’s fun, rewarding and, well, it’s Boise State Hockey!!!

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